What to Bring

It isn’t much fun to fish if you are too wet, too hot, too cold, or sunburned.  Below is a list of things to bring on your trip. For certain destinations or certain times your captain may suggest you bring other items.

* Remember it is typically cooler on the water than on land *

“To help preserve our incredible fishery we operate catch and release vessels for Striped Bass”

You Should Bring

  • Polarized Sunglasses

  • Hat

  • Rain Jacket & Pants

  • Sweater or Fleece

  • Snacks & Preferred Drinks

  • Please consider re-usable bottles when possible

  • Please, no shoes with dark, marking soles, no open-toed shoes (toothy critters)

Your Captain Will Bring

  • Water

  • Your captain will bring filtered water in clean, re-usable bottles

  • Light snacks, granola bars, etc.

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Repellant (not often necessary)

  • Fishing Tackle (Rods, Reels, etc…)

  • Flies, Lures, etc.

* You do not need a Massachusetts saltwater fishing license while you fish on our boats, but you will need one if you fish alone or from shore. *

Guests are welcome to bring their own rods, reels, etc.  Please communicate your intentions prior to your trip, so your captain can be sure to bring any neccessary complimentary gear.

Our Boats are Outfitted with Top-of-the-Line Gear!